Joseph D. Malone

Joe Malone is a Managing Director of Plymouth Rock Financial Partners, which focuses on business development, recruitment, and marketing.  Joe became the first Republican sworn into the office of Massachusetts State Treasurer in forty-one years and was re-elected by almost 70% percent of the vote to return as the Massachusetts State Treasurer.  Joe reduced his operating budget by 62% during his 8 year tenure and took pension fund performance from among the worst in the nation to the very best. Under Joe Malone, the Massachusetts State Lottery became the most efficient in the nation.

Since leaving government in 1999, Malone has helped to build two successful start-up companies, one specializing in business development and the other in the enterprise software field.

Joe continues his passion for politics as a Fox25 TV commentator and talk show host on WATD radio.  Joe is a 1978 graduate of Harvard University where he majored in government and lettered in football.  He and his wife, Linda, have four children and live in Scituate, MA.

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