MD Group Consulting Inc is a company that provides expertise in areas of corporate strategy and business development with a strong focus on impacting a client's bottom line, regardless of industry sector or location.  Clients have ranged from early stage companies through well-established entities.   The client common denominator is a proven focus of being best-of-breed, where innovation, technology, best practices and sound business principals drive these companies.   
    Our focus includes external business development initiatives that accelerate the sales process, often through access to the top-down C-Level decision maker.  This includes generating targeted marketing collateral that focuses on differentiators and the value propositions, allowing senior executives to easily understand why they should meet with a client, and in some cases, immediately addressing  any incorrect perceptions what a company product or solution does.

    The company was initially founded by former Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Treasurer Joe Malone and former Boston Celtics senior executive Joe DiLorenzo and has relationships that have included some the more successful consulting, strategy, corporate affairs firms and CEOs in the United States.
    Industries served include: 

    Business Development

    Financial Services
    Financial Planning
    Health Insurance
    Life Insurance
    Digital Media
    Big Data and Cloud Solutions

    Sports Analytics
    Marketing and Printing Solutions
    Risk Management
    Online Learning

    Sales Training
    Human Capital Consulting

    Retained Search
    Executive Coaching
    Sports and Entertainment

    Fantasy Sports
    Homeland Security
    Revenue Cycle/Collections
    Strategic Services

    and others
             (see client example tab)

    For further information for prospective clients and business associates, please contact:
    Joe Malone at (781) 706-0677 ; JDMalone@Comcast.net
    Joe DiLorenzo at (617) 650-2522 ; JoeD@M-DGroup.com or Joe@DiLorenzo.com